We have a breadth of specialist capabilities which are applied across three core disciplines: E&I Construction, E&I Services and Maintenance and Communications.

With 40 years knowledge and experience in the electrical and communications industry we aim to bring innovative solutions to every project.

In NSW and the ACT we have built a reputation for outstanding performance. At the heart of our business are long term repeat clients, who knowing that we will deliver have continually invested in us.

Through our extensive technical and project management knowledge, we can support any client through the life of their assets – from initial feasibility to design and construction through to production and operations and eventual decommissioning. We are an adaptive business that can tailor our services to meet the most demanding client’s needs, and pride ourselves on designing and delivering intelligent, economic and pragmatic solutions that work.

We work alongside some of Australia’s leading consultants and contractors in the construction and maintenance of private and publicly funded infrastructure and assets. Our ability to work seamlessly with others is a strong feature of our commitment.