Heyday is a recognised service provider to the industrial, utility and energy market within NSW. Based on decades of experience in constructing, maintaining and managing electrical systems, we offer a broad range of electrical, instrumental and communication products and systems to power, control and monitor technical processes.

Together with SCEE and Datatel our experience extends across the following key sectors;

  • Processing plants, manufacturing and fabrication facilities
  • Light / heavy industrial operations and transport hubs
  • Energy generation, storage and transmission
  • Water and wastewater treatment, transport and recycling
  • Renewable energy – wind farms, solar generation and waste to energy plants

We can set up all major power requirements including, underground or main transmission overhead to plant or site and/or on site generation and distribution, we can organise the entire cabling infrastructure to installation and fully documented commissioning procedures to clients’ specification and approval. Once commissioned and handed over we can put in place a comprehensive maintenance program, including manufacturers’ conditions, to keep machinery equipment and power supplies in peak performance condition.

We continue to evaluate new technologies and process methodologies, so we can support clients with the adoption and integration of new plant and equipment. Our services also extend to supporting clients with solutions to manage and minimise waste and deliver more sustainable outcomes.

Our Services include:

  • Industrial
  • Machine safety
  • Instrumentation
  • Automation
  • Hazardous area electrical
  • Reliability