Heyday has a long history of service delivery to public infrastructure and defence projects. We have worked alongside some of Australia’s leading contractors in the construction and maintenance of publicly funded infrastructure and assets.

We have successfully leveraged our expertise in the commercial sector to pubic infrastructure and defence. We have a strong capability in planning, installing and commissioning electrical and communications systems within buildings and facilities. We can deliver complex mission critical systems to the defence, emergency and other public services.

Heyday is qualified to undertake major and minor works in:

  • Transport, including road, rail, air and port facilities
  • Defence facilities and installations
  • Social infrastructure, including hospitals, medical clinics, aged care and recreation
  • Education, including universities, technical colleges, schools and community learning centres

We are members of various major works panels in these sectors. We understand government procurement models and our flexible, low-cost base and adaptive commercial approach enables us to competitively bid and deliver these critical works.