• Client: Brookfield Multiplex
  • Status: In Progress
  • Value: $18.5 million AUD
  • Duration: Expected completion mid 2018
  • Market: Public Infrastructure and Defence

Heyday Group are completing the University of Canberra Public Hospital, (UCPH) will be the largest rehabilitation center in the ACT, with capacity for 140 inpatient beds, 75 day places and additional outpatient services. As a rehabilitation hospital, UCPH will support people in an environment that is specifically designed for rehabilitation, catering for people recovering from surgery, injury or mental health issues.

The facility also includes the latest in teaching infrastructure to compliment the University of Canberra’s curriculum.

Heyday Group is responsible for the full design and construction of the following items:

  • Electrical lighting and power
  • Generator Systems
  • PV System
  • Nurse call Systems
  • Security System
  • Communications System
  • Patient Entertainment System
  • DAS (mobile phone)
  • External carpark and street lighting